24 hour hockey game makes over $50,000 during COVID!

If you think COVID-19 would slow down the fundraising efforts of the 24 hour hockey game, think again!

It’s a time to celebrate another incredible 24 Hour Charity Challenge in support of the Matt Cook Foundation. We’ve written about it in the past, and every year it just keeps getting better. With this year’s contribution of over $50,000, the 24-hour hockey game surpassed the $350,000. That is an amazing feat considering COVID-19 made it impossible to have supporters in the stands.

When the Matt Cook Foundation began we had aspirations of helping young adults battling cancer. We created the Matt Cook Cares packages that are delivered to the Cross Cancer Institute to inpatients, complete with an iPad, headphones, blankets, and other necessities that a young patient needs to keep warm and connected.

And incredibly, we have never asked anyone for a donation. Ever. Donations just come in. Sometimes in celebration and sometimes in Memorium. But donations come in, and we keep delivering packages.

It is why we are so grateful to Tammy Coley and her team from Edges Professional Skating Instruction who have taken this support to a whole new level. Every organization dreams of having someone as passionate as Tammy on their team. And today we have 350,000 reasons to thank her.

And let’s not forget all of the players, the supporters, the donors and the volunteers that made this event possible.

It is times like this where we can reflect back on what the outcome of such an event means. It means we can continue to support young people when they need it most, who are in the fight of their lives. With the generosity of friends, colleagues, and strangers, these brave young people can face this fight with even more support and love from others.

It is all because of you. We send our thanks and love to all of you for making this happen.

Thank you.


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