Young adults fighting cancer miss out on a lot.

What's Missing?

Help us give some of it back.

Imagine missing the best years of your life.

In your 20s, life’s about firsts: first day of university, first real job, first apartment, first love. Spending your 20s in the hospital fighting cancer, cut off from your friends, away from the action—that isn’t supposed to be on the agenda.

Young adults fighting cancer are at a double disadvantage: they’re too old to access the resources of a children’s hospital, and they have barely launched their adult lives. They’re not old enough to have built up their own resources: they often have to move back in with their parents, and they lose touch with friends. They fall into a gap.

The Matt Cook Foundation works to fill that gap—to connect them to some of what they are missing. We can’t give young people back the lives they had before their diagnosis, but we can help keep them connected to friends and family, we can help them feel more comfortable and more engaged, we can help them pass the time as they take on the fight of their lives.

What do we do?

The Matt Cook Foundation supports young adult in-patients fighting cancer. One of the ways we do that is through the MCF Cares Package, which helps them keep in touch with friends and family, be more comfortable during treatment, and stave off the stress and loneliness of staying in the hospital.

What’s in the Package?

Meet Matt

Matt was our son, our brother, our friend. His courage and generosity in the face of a rare bone cancer inspired the foundation that bears his name, and our work honours his legacy.

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Please consider holding a fundraiser, or raising funds as part of your next event. Every little bit counts, and the awareness of our foundation and cause raised by our presence at events is invaluable. We offer a number of resources to people raising funds for the Matt Cook Foundation.

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The Matt Cook Foundation exists and supports young people on their journey through cancer with the incredible generosity of our amazing supports. Take the 24 Hour Charity Challenge as a shining example. Tammy Coley and her team at Edges Professional Skating Instruction have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Foundation, and they are about to add to… Read more »

We need your help

Your help lets us continue to comfort a vulnerable young adult population that has fallen through a gap, and to do more in the future.

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