24 hour hockey game!

Edges Professional Skating Instruction, in partnership with Superskate Advanced Hockey Development Association and the Canadian Athletic Club, are proud to announce a fundraising event with proceeds going to the Matt Cook Foundation. 

The 24-Hour Charity Hockey Game will kick off at:

6 PM, April 1, 2016

CAC Arena- 14645 – 142 Street, Edmonton, AB Click here for more details!

For questions about the 24-hour Game or for dinner tickets, contact Tammy:

Email:  coleytr@telusplanet.net

PHONE: (780) 454-6419
FAX: (780) 454-8400

The 24-hour hockey game pits Edges instructors who have expertise (and age) against Edges 350+ young power skating students.  The instructors donate their time during planning, and play hockey for the full 24 hours! The Canadian Athletic Club has donated the ice and arena staff.  Participants pay an entry fee in addition to obtaining pledges in the community. The event includes draws, prizes, and a wind-up banquet.  To date Edges Professional Skating has proudly raised and donated over $50,000 to The Matt Cook Foundation.  For more information, contact Tammy Coley, Edges Professional Skating at coleytr@telusplanet.net.

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