24 Hour Charity Challenge 2019


Time 6:00PM

Where Canadian Athletic Club Arena

Organization Edges Professional Skating

Contact Tammy Coley

Email coleytr@telusplanet.net


24 Hour Charity Challenge 2019

The 24-hour Charity Challenge: Kids vs Coaches for the Matt Cook Foundation is a 24-hour hockey game that pits Edges instructors’ expertise (and age) against Edges young power skating students. The skaters range in age from Learn to Hockey to Junior, and the different groups are rotated through during the 24 hours. Edges instructors and volunteers have ALL donated their time during planning, and to play the game for 24 hours!

In addition, the Canadian Athletic Club donates the ice and arena staff for the entire 24-hour period! Some of the highlights of the game include an opening ceremony, a silent auction that runs the entire 24 hours, an airplane toss, a celebrity game, a sledge game in honour of Matt’s time on Team Canada, and finishes with dinner and presentations.

Over the past 7 years of playing, the 24-hour game has raised over $230,000! The 8th Annual is coming on April 5th and 6th, 2019 and hopes to break yet another record for fundraising. Individuals can participate and help in many ways, including pledging a participant or coach, donating auction items to the event, coming down the arena on April 5th and 6th, or by going online and making a donation. All contributions are sincerely appreciated.

For more information, or to donate, visit the 24 Hour Charity Challenge.

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